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Pin it down. Never let it slip away. The soul of a child is magic.


Blow the dried out dandelions. Plant a seed. Wear goggles in the tub. Explore confidently.Turn over rocks. 

Pick up rollie pollies. Start a new club. Chase anything that flies, scurries, or hops.

Make stories out of clouds floating by. Roar until your voice goes out.

Be you. Be kind. Touch everything. Hear giggles. Give exaggerated sighs. Live. Run.  

Fly anywhere your Pinlegs take you.

You are the most precious of all the ones we talk to and these dreams are built to inspire you.

This is a series for all the little dreamers; every shape, size, color and flavor.

This collection is built from the soul of an artist who has spent a lifetime getting to all the hues deep inside the child.

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