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Mae on the Night before Halloween

We’re starting with Mae Kotloski; someone beyond dear to Gnat and Corky’s heart.

Mae is 7

Mae’s favorite stuffed animal is a giant over-loved unicorn pillow that is aptly named-Uni

Mae has a beautiful imagination that can take her anywhere…and yes, unicorns are real,

she saw one on the internet.

I bet there’s something under my bed right now.

Where’s Uni? Where’s Uni?

There he is.

It’s you and me Uni.

Do not breathe.

Hold tight to me.

I’ll protect you.

What’s that?!

There’s something outside the window. Oh no. It’s scratching.

Is that scratching or tapping?

Tap. Tap. Scratch…

Tap. Tap. Scratch…

It’s a witch's cat. I just know it.

How did it get up this high?

I bet it flew with her from where ever the heck they come from.

Probably a smelly cave with left over bones from things witches and witches' cats eat.


I bet it’s a mean cat with red eyes made of dragons’ fire.

All the mean ones have fire for eyes.

It’s looking at me right now.

I can feel the heat.

It’s gonna burn through the window and jump on me!

I gotta get under the covers.

My toes!!! My toes!!!

I need more blankets.


Should I call for my mom?

I can’t scream.

I bet the witch put a spell on me.

I know she did. I am frozen. I can’t even breathe.

She sprinkled some kind of spooky sauce on my toothbrush.

I knew it tasted funny.

This is the end. I’m getting dizzy. I need to save myself.


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