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Dom the Unstoppable Dreamer

Meet Dom

He's five and knows what is most important- safety goggles and good blood. Dom is a force of joy, imagination and great ideas, like adding dragons to the world.

Gnat & Corky knew something was missing!

Dom the Unstoppable Dreamer

By Courtney Kotloski

I can’t stop my dreams. I woke up yesterday and things I was thinking inside my head started to come out from behind the corners of my bed. I just keep dreaming and thinking and when I do, all the stuff I wish would be in the world starts to fill my room! Behind my curtains, you’ll find a rare dragon egg with instructions on how to hatch it. I thought that God forgot dragons when he made the world, and now because I said that, I’ve got another one here to match it! I’m starting to think that maybe I’ve got something magic inside of me. And that’s probably why I’ve got a wand sticking out of my belly that just came to be. My closet is turning into a treehouse. My pillow is marshmallow fluff. I just thought of a giant net to catch all this stuff! I don’t think I can stop my dreams from coming true and now that you’re reading this, I think it might rub off on you. So just remember this; your dreams are unstoppable no matter what gets in their way. Just make sure you keep on dreaming and make room for new ones every day!

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