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Logan and the Miracle

Meet Logan

Logan is 8 and he’s been racing BMX bikes for 4 years. He always came close to winning a first place trophy, until the day he found out his great grandmother passed away. He told his grandmother that he was going to win first place and give her the trophy to make her feel better; and that’s exactly what he did. Logan, you are amazing.

Logan and the Miracle

By Courtney Kotloski

The day my great grandmother got sick, I needed a miracle immediately, so I took my bike out past the edge of the forest and climbed the highest tree. I was sure that if anyone had a miracle, they would be kind enough to lend it to me. “Hello, is anyone there? I need a miracle!”

I shouted as loud as my voice could go, but nothing came back except my echo.

I thought and I thought of where all the miracles could be, and knew the Man in the Moon might have an answer for me. He’s up so high and can see and hear everything. So, I raced as fast as I could, peddling with all the love in my heart, but when I reached the Man in the Moon he told me, “Miracles are found inside of stars.”

I knew the stars were just beyond the moon, so I dug deep inside my soul to race there before great grandmother’s sickness grew. I found the brightest and most beautiful star the skies have ever seen, but when I told her I needed a miracle she said it was already inside of me. “I don’t understand.” I wept with tears in my eyes, but the sun started to come up and one by one the stars left the sky.

I sat for a while wondering what else I could do and slowly peddled down to my great grandmother’s room. I opened her door and walked in with my head hung low. “I tried to find a miracle for you, but there are none in the world.” She held out her hand and pulled me close to her. “You are my miracle and always will be and when you are sad, think of me. I am out past the tallest tree. I am smiling down from the moon. I am the brightest star in the sky and my love is always with you.”

I felt it right there; the miracle came out. It’s love that is magic and what life is about. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, my great grandmother is always with me and anyone you love is too.

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