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Maelle the Artist


Maelle (aka Ellie) is sensitive, caring, and creative. She loves to paint and draw; she has her own space for her supplies. One of her favorite places to be is on the tree swing in her backyard. She loves making castles, playing with chalk, building fairies, and singing all the while…

Maelle the Artist

By Courtney Kotloski

A splash of yellow, a trace of red, a curvy green stem. I paint the imagination inside my head. A burst of blue, an orange sugar castle melting on the beach, a polka dot tree swing full of stick fairies singing just for me. A star-filled sky speckled with moon bursts that wink. Mushrooms that snore as the clouds roll by. I’m filled with colors that have to come out. Chalk dust frosts the fresh cut grass. Watercolors soak in the bright summer sky. It’s me and my brush and a canvas of life. A kaleidoscope of flowers cut into every shape. Bluebirds, rocks, toads, and gnomes. Squirrels, bunnies, spiders and weeds. I paint the world. I paint my dreams.

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