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Super Jake


"Super" Jake Robert Widman was 4 ½ when he earned his cape. He battled neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly form of pediatric cancer for more than a year. In his short life, Jake taught lasting lessons about bravery, courage, and strength. He loved superheroes, especially Spiderman, so naturally he wore a cape everywhere he went. To honor Jake, and bring strength and hope to other families that are battling neuroblastoma, Jake’s family started The Super Jake Foundation, which has raised more than 2.5 million dollars since its inception in 2005. No one in The Super Jake Foundation earns a salary, and 100% of the profits go directly to fund research and help families. Things like iPads, a family car, a new bed, and airfare have been supplied to families. If you would like to volunteer, make a donation, or apply for a grant to The Super Jake Foundation, please visit

super Jake

By Courtney Kotloski

A story of strength, bravery, and the super power of one little boy that is always fighting for you. Matt, Ann, Taylor, Parker, and Riley- Jake is always alongside you…

There is a superhero that’s always with you. His hair is soft and white as the falling snow and his eyes are bluer than the bluest blue. His cape is shimmery fiery red and his fighting spirit is the most powerful weapon he has. He carries a sword with magic right at the tip and anything it touches fills up with hope, love and one special promise. When you are tired and afraid all you have to do to make him appear is close your eyes and say, “I am brave. I am strong. I am super, just like Jake.” He’ll hear your call and quickly don his cape, flying down from his kingdom in the clouds to stand beside you and fight. You won’t see him; he is invisible to the eye. But, you’ll know when his sword has touched you from the strength that begins to grow inside… Hope will pour in like falling snowflakes from the sky. Love will surround you like an ocean of the bluest blue, and with a whisper and a swoosh of his red cape; Jake will make a promise to you… “I am Super Jake, strong as can be, and as long as the leaves grow back on the trees, I will fight alongside anyone who fights alongside me.” You are brave. You are strong. You are super; just like Jake.

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