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From Malena with Love


Malena is 9 years old. She says that without love the world would be colorless. If she could give a gift to anyone in the world, she would send a ray of light to God thanking him for her life and everything in the world. She delights in watching her mother (Gnat) paint. She is a boundless joyful child who is kind and lovely to everything she touches and sees.

From Malena with love

By Courtney Kotloski

I was there the day love went away. I know it might be hard to believe this story is true, but I’m the one that brought love back and saved us all too.

It happened on a Tuesday late last June when I woke up to absolutely no color in my room. The blinds were gray, the carpet was black-everything was drab. I blinked a thousand times and pinched my cheeks. Where did the color go and what happened to my sheets? I ran downstairs and threw open the door. I had to see if this colorless blob had affected the world. I couldn’t believe the sights I was seeing; flowers were ash, birds had gone flightless, and the sunbeams were beams of darkness. I froze with fear. My heart went weak. As I sat down and cried, I began to see that when my heart was broken my color started to leave. My hands turned gray and as the emptiness spread, a wonderful, crazy, beautiful, amazing idea popped into my head. Just like the light that God shines from above, if you want to have a beautiful world, you have to fill it with love. I grabbed my scissors, a pen, some paper, and glue and started sending love notes to everything in the world that I knew. I began with the stars, sun and moon and told them I loved them for giving us such beautiful sights to see, and then I moved on to the oceans and trees. I wrote inchworms and whales, gnats and pandas. I sent love to teachers, volunteers, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas. I gave out love to everything on Earth and then shut my eyes and prayed to God for it to work… One by one all the sad gray things filled up with color that was just as perfect as can be. The most radiant red, the most beautiful brown, the most brilliant yellow ever found. I tell you with my heart that this story is true and if love disappears, you can bring it back too. Just remember if someone’s heart is breaking-get out your scissors, a pen, some paper, and glue and let them know how much they are loved by you.

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