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Ken the Keeper

An Interview with 12 year-old Ken~ Creator of HAPPY ANIMALS CLUB

Why did you feel the need to start your organization? Ever since I found out that shelters euthanize the animals that don't get adopted. What do you hope to bring to the world through the Happy Animals Club? I just want to rescue as many animals as I can. If you were an animal, what would you be and why? Wolf, because wolves are like dogs but they are independent of humans. If you could send a message to the world and have everyone hear it, what would you say? Don't complain about your life being unfair if you make animals' lives unfair. Do you have a special animal that stands out from the rest that you've helped? Why is that animal so special? Whitey because she's the first animal that was brought to the shelter and she was the reason the shelter got made.

Ken the Keeper

By Courtney Kotloski

A broken wing, a tail that won’t wag, and a story behind their eyes. I’m the keeper of the animals; all things great and small. Furry, four-legged, fins, feathers; they come to me seeking happiness. We speak with no words and talk about their travels. This one lost its way. That one was given up, and something led them to my Happy Animals Club. A stitch here. A blanket to stay warm. A day in my hands and their hearts begin to heal. Every animal is a gift. The bird a symbol of grace and honor. The dog a champion of friendship and loyalty. Each creature shows us something that we can treasure in each other. I am the keeper; mending, caring, and loving all animals until they are ready to be set free. Slither. Crawl. Slide. Swim. Scurry. Run. Hop. Jump. Fly. Soar.

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