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Clumsy Kate

Kate is 8. She can do a back flip! She is smart. She is a beautiful, coordinated, and talented cheerleader and she can sing like an angel-but something happens when she’s not flipping, singing or cheering- and at times disaster strikes. She’s broken her nose and her foot, gotten two concussions and stitches in her lip. Kate keep on flipping, singing and cheering- just watch out for that wall!


By Courtney Kotloski

My toe is stubbed. My hair is a mess. I just spilled chocolate milk on my dress. SHOOT! Where’s my brush? Oh, boy. I’m late. Come on. Come on. Think Kate! OUCH! Who put a bookshelf in my way? Where are my glasses? I can’t see a thing. UH-OH! I just heard a crunch. I think my glasses are done. Is that the dog eating my lunch!? NO! What’s that smell? Something is on fire. Did I turn off my curling iron? HELP! I’m late. I’m Kate. I’m clumsy.

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