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David's Symphony


David was born with a genetic disorder. He is very small for his age and has only two fingers on his left hand. He is non-verbal and spoon-fed. This doesn’t stop him from being able to impact everyone around him in the most amazing and beautiful ways; with no words. His silence is underscored so profoundly by the love of his family. His mother, Lisa Leonard, is a Shepherd for him and all that is possible inside both of her beautiful boys.

David's Symphony

By Courtney Kotloski

She plays softly underscoring my melody; my everything. She is gentle. She is fair. She is more than lovely. If I had words for her, I would beg them to sing. I would set them high above the clouds where they would pour down into her dreams. There we could dance for an eternity to her symphony. She is soaked in beauty. She blankets me with love. Her eyes understand. Her hands show the way. She sighs and calmly sets me free. She watches me fly. Her delight in me helps everyone to hear what I so desperately wish to say… “Mother, I love you. You are the shepherd of all that is possible inside of me.”

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